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Welcome to EzekielWatch! This website provides a comprehensive guide to one of the most relevant, incredible Biblical prophecies (Ezekiel 38-39) that is on our very-near horizon, and will probably be literally fulfilled within our lifetimes. 

The Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy details a massive attack (frequently termed the "Magog Invasion") on Israel by Russia, Iran, and the other Islamic nations of the Middle East and God's intervention on Israel's behalf.  From the details of the text, this prophecy seems to be moving into place to occur any day, and it appears to involve the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

From the Ezekiel 36-39 passage in Bible, the reason God allows and then intervenes in the attack is to destroy Israel's enemies and to make Himself once again known to His people.  It is clearly written in the Torah and the Prophets that Israel would be punished for hundreds of years by exile from their land and massive persecution by all the nations of the world, and then God would restore them as a nation to their ancient land. 

It's also clear that Israel's time of punishment by God has been completed since the time the nation was restored in 1948.  However, many of the Jewish people today are atheists, secular humanists, or of other belief systems, and do not know the God of the Bible apart from their traditions and rituals. 

But God is faithful to keep all the promises of blessing and protection He made to Israel long ago.  And His incredible, undeniable intervention on Israel's behalf will cause most of the Jewish people to turn back to the God of the Bible and worship Him once again. And once they turn back to Him, they will seek in earnest to rebuild their Temple that was destroyed over 1940 years ago.

EzekielWatch features an extensive commentary on the passage, free study resources, the latest newsfeeds from all the nations involved, interactive satellite maps, world trends, and free preparation guides and resources for preparing you and your family.

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