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Forty-eight times in the book of Ezekiel, the phrase "they shall know that I am the Lord" occurs -- more than 10 times as everywhere else it occurs in the Bible. Obviously, this is one of the main points of the Book of Ezekiel, in addition to revealing much of God's plan to restore the nation of Israel and bring it into a place of glory.

Throughout the Bible and history, Satan has opposed God at every turn, starting at his fall and continuing until he is finally cast into the Lake of Fire. One of the primary mechanisms he employs to thwart God's Plan and Word is to minimize, trivialize, or rationalize fulfilled prophecy when it is brought about as God has detailed in the Bible. Satan first attempts to prevent prophecies from being fulfilled, and after he fails, he then either explains them away or trivializes them so they don't have a more significant impact on history or people who are studying the Bible.

Satan doesn't really care how or what he has to do subvert God's plan -- he simply uses whatever mechanism he thinks will work. Throughout the Bible and history, Satan adapts and focuses his attacks to subvert God's plan in prophecy, starting with corrupting Eve's first son Cain, to trying to destroy the Israelites by Pharoah and then to wipe out the Messianic line (by evil kings and queens in Judah). If you hold to Chuck Missler's calculations and interpretation of Ezekiel's 430 Years Prophecy (concerning the times of punishment and restoration of Israel), you can see that Satan was trying to subvert the restoration of Israel in 1948 by the Holocaust only a few years before.

With that in mind, how could Satan possibly trivialize, minimize, or rationalize the catastrophic events of the Magog Invasion as described in Ezekiel 38-39?

Consider the following details of the Magog Invasion that Satan will have to work really hard to explain away after God supernaturally wipe out the invading forces:


  1. A world-wide earthquake, with its epicenter probably at Jerusalem
  2. 5/6ths of the invading armies supernaturally destroyed by rain, blood, hail, firestorms
  3. "Fire" (a nuclear exchange?) sent upon Russia and the "distant coastlands"
  4. The precise identification of all the nations that attacked Israel written 2600 years before
  5. The entire world will be able watch (and re-watch) the supernatural events on television and the Internet

Basic Insights into Spiritual Warfare

Before considering this theory, you may find it helpful to read C.S. Lewis's The ScrewTape Letters, which provides some interesting (with a touch of comedy) insights as to how Satan and his forces work to subvert God's plans and the lives of people who are opening up to God. Satan's primary tool is (and always has been) deception, and the deception that's 99% truth but has a 1% lie is typically very difficult to catch, but easy to swallow. But once it's swallowed, the amounts and potency of the lie can be increased.

Try to think like the enemy, and as the enemy, how can you minimize, confuse, distort, or even take credit for prophetic events? During the Tribulation, the wrath of God will be clearly seen, and yet man will still refuse to repent and then even takes up arms against God Himself at Armageddon!

How can you get people to think they’re with God but are really not? How can you ensure that people won’t change sides and start believing the Bible when prophetic events are fulfilled before their very eyes?

Connecting the Disconnected End Times Events

Of all the prophetic events in the Bible, there are two significant events that have no clear timing: the Magog Invasion of Ezekiel 38-39, and the Rapture. Most of the events in the other passages can be easily timed and ordered, but the two cannot. The Rapture passages fit best in the prophetic timeline by occuring before the revealing of the anti-christ (known as the Pre-Tribulation view) according to 2 Thess 2.

The Magog Invasion could either happen before or after the Rapture occurs, but would probably have to occur before the Temple is rebuilt, which the anti-christ desecrates at the Tribulation mid-point due to the current politics of the Middle East. The context of Ezekiel 38-39 is that Israel does NOT know that God is the one who is protecting them and by destroying their enemies, He reveals Himself to them very dramatically. After this, Israel as a nation turns to God, but not to Jesus. Whenever a national crisis occurs and people suddenly begin seeking God, they reach out for whatever religion is prevalent in their society, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, paganism, etc.

Before introducing a theory about how the Magog Invasion could be rationalized or explained away by Satan, please set aside your biases and pre-conceived notions about the End Times and approach it with a fresh, open mind. And of course, be like the Bereans (Acts 17:11) and check it out by Scripture as best as you can, and then re-evaluate it. Remember, this is only a theory, but it ties together and explains some of the End Times events rather well.

A Magog – Counterfeit-Alien Connection?

When God thwarts the Magog Invasion, it will be in a manner so spectacular that the entire World will know that only God could have protected Israel and wiped out the invaders. So how can Satan prevent the world from running to their Bibles and turning to God by the millions as a result of His actions against the invaders? The best way is for Satan to simply start telling the world that he did it, and introduce a supernatural group of beings from outside our world that take credit for it: fallen angels or demons disguising themselves as "aliens".

Chuck Missler and Mark Easton have an excellent book called Alien Encounters that details how many of the UFO/alien abductions are very similar to accounts of demon possession, and the various links into the New Age. The book describes how these UFOs/aliens must be spiritual in nature and how they helped bring about the previous world judgment (the Flood) by corrupting mankind. The New Agers that channel some of these alien groups are even saying that one day they will reveal themselves dramatically to the whole world (the Magog Invasion?), instantly remove the evil forces that hinder man from evolving further (the Rapture of Christians?), and then introduce a super-man (the anti-christ/false messiah) who will guide the world through 7 years of cataclism (the Tribulation) and then into 1000 years of peace and prosperity (the Millenium).

By these angels/aliens explaining to the world what will happen in advance (from their false point of view), the world will remain faithless in God and ally themselves more with these false aliens as more events of the End Times unfold. Below is a sequence of events that could play out from the Magog Invasion to the Second Coming of the Lord:

  1. After the thwarted Magog Invasion, the evil angels (portraying themselves as aliens) introduce themselves to the entire world as "defenders, protectors of Israel and the Earth". They say they've been patrolling Israel and have interceded to prevent world-wide destruction. Israel, as a matter of fact, is a major focal point of current UFO sightings today. Also, most of the UFO sightings and abductions started occuring AFTER 1948 and have been increasing since then.
  2. The aliens will say that they've saved us from ourselves and are here to bring peace to the world. In the End Times, Satan knows his time is short -- and he will pull out ALL the stops in his attempts for universal domination. If 1/3 of all the angels in heaven fell with him, wouldn't he use every resource at his command in order to pull off the last great deception before Jesus returns?
  3. In the End Times, Israel will likely trade many of their arms in exchange for peace, which could be part of the 7-year deal they make with the anti-christ in order to secure/build the Temple. What would it take for Israel to give up all their weapons and nukes for a piece of paper? Perhaps a personal guarantee of protection from a supernatural source? The aliens will have already proven themselves in protecting Israel by thwarting the Magog Invasion…
  4. The Rabbis in Israel today frequently say they will know who the Messiah is when he helps them rebuild their Temple. Unfortunately, the Bible never says to use that to identify the Messiah. He will be identified when He saves Israel from certain destruction by all the nations of the world at Armageddon (which Israel will see as being the Magog Invasion and be fooled). This rabbinical tradition may very well set Israel up to accept the anti-christ as the false Messiah, if and when he gives them their Temple.
  5. With the world now focused on them, the aliens begin lying to (educating) people about their previous involvements in history, such as the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, the times before the Flood, and other Out Of Place Artifacts of the earth that don't fit into the current evolutionary framework. And they will assure the world that they are here to help man take the next big step of evolution: godhood. They will be sure to cite the Ezek 38-39 passages frequently as proof about their intervention to help, protect, and save mankind. They will say that all religions are the same, and appear to fill in all the blanks and differences between them. (And all religions are fundamentally the same, based upon the works of man not God, except for Biblical Christianity).
  6. The aliens begin warning and educating people about the Rapture, and that certain people will need to removed and re-educated so the rest of the world can jump to the next stage of its evolution: godhood. Biblical Christians are the primary group on earth that has remained adamantly against man-becoming-god and evolution. Children may also be removed to "accelerate their education".
  7. The Rapture then becomes a non-issue, and parents might even be excited about their children’s disappearances. The aliens have explained the Rapture away beforehand, so it won’t be a surprise to anyone. The Bible never says that Rapture causes wide-spread panic (unlike how the Left Behind book series describes it) – in fact, it may not even be noticed until awhile afterwards. People will be more focused on the aliens, and if the annoying Christians disappear, who will care?
  8. The Bible never says that apostasy will cause churches to empty -- it just says that the faithful believers will be removed before the "man of sin" (anti-christ) is revealed. In fact, if aliens arrive before the Rapture, the churches will probably fill up, but the teachings will become very, very false. The best place to explain away the Rapture and render it as a non-event is in the very churches that people will be flocking to after the events of Ezekiel 38-39.
  9. The Apostasy happens before Rapture, so everyone "on the fence" is kicked off to one side or the other. After the Rapture, people will be still deluded until things get really bad especially at the mid-point where the anti-christ declares himself to be god. Which would be noticed more: 100 people raptured from a church of 100, or 100 raptured from a church of 10,000?
  10. After the Rapture, the anti-christ is revealed and either helps Israel rebuild their temple or will guarantee it's protection for 7 years. The aliens could very well help to rebuild the Temple itself, further cementing the faith of Israel in them and their false Messiah. Notice the progression: the return of Israel to the land in Ezekiel 36-37, their salvation/protection in Ezekiel 38-39, and Temple details in Ezekiel 40-45.
  11. The Bible doesn’t ever say that that the Tribulation Temple is later destroyed, just defiled – perhaps the re-dedicated temple of Jesus's time (in Maccabees) is also a type/model of the temple in the Tribulation. Most likely, the anti-christ wouldn't destroy it after he defiles it just to continue mocking God and inciting the Jews.
  12. The aliens don’t really need to provide any advanced technology of their own – the basis of the one-world religion is already in place, along with cashless/body-mark technology – the aliens simply help distribute it. The Bible says that Satan and his helpers will deceive the world through lying wonders -- what could be a bigger lie than trying to take credit for what God did in the Magog Invasion?
  13. The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 could be explained away as representatives of the alien’s enemy that’s coming, and this explanation will help the aliens later. The Two Witnesses actions cause world-wide hatred of them and lays the foundation for Armageddon, when Satan gathers the entire world against God.
  14. Satan could portray Jesus as his enemy-alien counterpart who has been wreaking havoc on the earth, and that they need all the world's help to destroy Him when He returns with His armies. How could Satan/the anti-christ possibly rally the entire world to attack God Himself? By telling them that He's simply a stronger, evil invading alien force and that all of mankind must gather to defeat Him.
  15. The anti-christ and the aliens may frequently use and distort parts of Revelation to further show that their enemies are the ones causing all the problems -- that the Bible is just written in strange, cryptic, spiritual terms from their adversary's point of view. People tend to believe in what they SEE, and the anti-christ will make sure they see him and his helpers doing many miracles. And it's just like Satan to call good evil and evil good.

Remember, this is only a theory of the website's author, and no one else is to blame for it! 

Biblical References to Counterfeit-Aliens? 

There are several hints in the Bible that angels (or demons) who rebelled with Satan will be a part of the End Time scene.  According to Genesis 6:1-4 and Jude 1:6, some of the angels who rebelled with Satan began mating with women, and they produced unnatural offspring (called the Nephilim), such as giants and possibly other strange creatures. 

This occured both before the Flood to corrupt all mankind, and also afterwards in the land of Canaan, to corrupt (or at least keep out) the tribes of Israel. Most of the times in the Old Testament in which God commands Israel to wipe out every man, woman, child, and animal of a certain tribe or nation, it's because these people have mixed with the angels or the Nephilim.  These giants were the same ones that so badly frightened 10 of the 12 scouts who had spied out the land after the Exodus (Numbers 13:33).

One of the stranger hints at a future "invasion" of these angels is found in Daniel 2:43, in which he mentions that the last part of the fourth kingdom is made up of a fragile coalition, but the peculiar language that he uses reads:  "And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay."  Unfortunately, the "they" is not defined in the passage, but in order for "them" to "mingle themselves with the seed of men", "they" need to be something other than mankind.  What could be described here is a future attempt at genetic engineering between these angels/demons and mankind, but it isn't quite as stable as in the past when producing offspring.

A clearer passage that describes an "alien"-angelic manifestation is in Revelation 16:12-14, in which a set of demonic spirits/creatures is released from the "Satanic trinity" to deceive all the nations, to gather them to fight against Jesus Christ at Armageddon. An explainable scenario for this would be that these "aliens" convince the nations that their "evil" counterparts are coming to invade the earth, and that all the nations must unite in Israel (at the junction of the 3 major continents) to thwart the attack.  From Satan's perspective, Jesus and His followers WILL be invading the earth - a world Satan has controlled for over 6000 years.

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